While not a scientifically controversial issue, climate change caused primarily by human activities is a politically controversial issue. In this course you have learned the science behind climate change (both natural and human-caused). With this knowledge, you have been given the tools to help explain the causes, symptoms, and impacts of climate change which you can now use to help current and future generations develop solutions to mitigate and adapt to a changing climate. Please discuss the following questions: (1) How does the greenhouse effect play a role in determining the Earth’s climate? (2) What human activities are impacting the carbon cycle? (3) How does having an overloaded carbon cycle impact the greenhouse effect? (4) Before taking this class, did you understand or “believe” that human-induced climate change is occurring? Explain why or why not. Have you ever had a conversation with someone else about climate change? (5) How would you engage in a discussion with a climate change skeptic? Based on what you have learned in class, would you feel confident in your ability to explain the science behind climate change? What evidence would you present? (For a great resource on communicating climate science, consider watching the following TED talk by Dr. Katharine Hayhoe! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BvcToPZCLI) (6) Explain at least 3 impacts of climate change that should be a concern for any individual and future generations. (7) Discuss at least two things that humans can do to mitigate or adapt to a changing climate. (8) Why should businesses, politicians, or government officials have a vested interest in working to lower carbon emissions to lessen the severity of the impacts of a changing climate?

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