Experiences in Learning Quatitative

Module 1 Doctoral Dialogue



The purpose of this assignment is to outline a community, organizational, or social research problem or dilemma that you will solve.


In dialogue, people freely and creatively explore issues, listen deeply to each other, and suspend their own views in search of accuracy. A community of people in dialogue have access to a larger pool of knowledge than any one person enjoys. The primary purpose of the doctoral dialogue is to enlarge ideas, not to diminish them. The emphasis is on learning and exploring a variety of options.

Dialogue requires that the participants have researched and developed a thorough knowledge of the topic. They should be able to gather any additional data needed to have a productive dialogue. For the purposes of this (and other) assignments, leave your opinions and biases out of your statements; they are not an appropriate element of these dialogues. Based on the data and any professional experience, participants should be able to present and draw conclusions, provide and receive constructive critique, and make adjustments and revisions based on the dialogue.

For our dialogue this module, you will share your project proposal with your peers. We are aware that the proposal is still in a draft form. This dialogue with your peers will help you develop your thoughts before you submit your project proposal for approval.

The Dialogue


Start a new post on the discussion board.

Write two or more paragraphs to start a dialogue with your classmates. In your paragraphs, include a brief summary of your proposed project. Provide as many details as necessary so that your peers will understand your proposal while also being succinct. Ask questions; your peers may have valuable information which can help you with your project!

Your classmates will serve as your “advisory group.” They will read your posting, pose challenging questions, give suggestions, and provide ideas for resources. Refer to the details and rubric included in Project Selection and Approval.


Take on the role of a member of an advisory group for at least 2 of your peers. The role of an advisory group is to make specific and useful contributions to a peer’s proposed project. This can be done by providing ideas, suggestions, insights, and resources.


Engage with your classmates about the topics they researched. The list below will help you get started. Add additional items or modify the list to enhance your dialogue.

  • Ask clarifying questions.
    • Can you explain this (give a specific statement) more clearly?
    • Do you think this will be supported in the literature?
  • Ask application questions.
    • How would this solve the problem?
    • Consider how you can advise them to look at their proposal from a different perspective.
  • Identify assumptions your classmates are making that may be hindering their thinking.
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