Family with Religion in a Secular society

You are looking for an article that deals with the make ups of families in general, the roles of members in the family, and the role of religion in the American family these days, etc. We want to think about how the world sees the family. Locate a current article–written within the past year–about the family from a relevant secular magazine or journal article. After reading and studying the article, write a summary and evaluation. The purpose of this assignment is to discern how our society views the family today.Keep in mind that this article is based on religios preferences or no religious prefernces Your summary should be about a page (single-spaced)…what is the primary theme of the story? what points are made to support the theme? are there examples or illustrations which you found compelling? Your evaluation should be two-pages with a bibliographic entry of the article (use MLA format) at the top of page one. Also is this article consistent with or ant-agnostic toward a biblical perspective of the family? how so? do you agree or disagree with the point the author is trying to make?

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