Frequently Asked Questions

How does your company differ from them?

Unfortunately, we frequently hear from our clients, that they have been misled by unknown and unethical essay writing services that damage the reputation of legitimate writing services. In contrast, our company has always done everything we can to earn the trust of our clients by providing quality custom papers at an affordable price. We simply offer services and quality custom writing services that many other companies do not.

Are you a US registered company?

We are officially registered and have been in business since 1997. We solve your academic problems with professional writing and research. We strive for the highest quality and service with every customer and on every order.

How safe is your site? Is it safe to place an order online?

It is absolutely safe. Hundreds of our customers place orders and buy custom writing services at every day. All of your transactions are processed safely and encrypted for security. No one will be able to make an unauthorized transaction using your credit card.

How can I be certain of your privacy Polices?

Many custom essay services today sell and share your information to affiliates or marketing companies. Your privacy always comes first and foremost! You can be assured that when you buy a paper that your details will never be shared with any third party under any circumstances.

What kinds of papers do you write?

Because we employ many professional paper writers with varied educations and experiences, we can complete orders of any length and style, and write papers on ANY topic.

How do I know that you will be able to write my order?

We are a professional custom writing service with years of experience and unequalled ability to write on all subjects – from English literature and History to Marketing and Business, you can rest easy. We can write papers on ANY topic within short timeframes. No other custom writing service in our industry can compete with us in our ability to write custom papers on your terms. We screen our paper writers and select only the best. Other companies give you paper writers that simply do not meet our standards or requirements. We encourage our paper writers to be creative, professional and maintain high levels of integrity. Our writers are educated and are experienced. They have access to unlimited electronic resources and databases, and online libraries. This ensures that your research is the most current possible.

What are the qualifications of your writers?

We are a trusted source for quality writing and research and have earned our valuable reputation by employing only the most well qualified writers and researchers. We require that our writers possess a degree from an accredited college or university. This helps us ensure that your paper will be a well written original. We guarantee that our writers are educated professionals. With our quality assurance team to review your order before it is delivered.
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