FEMA Certs – Wordy Whiz – Or ONLY experienced replies.

I have FEMA Certifications particular subjects listed below. If anyone is familiar with FEMA certifications, it HAS to have passing choices.I will send the multiple choice word documents of each of the subjects listed below. Questions range from a minimum of 15 – 50 (very few) multiple choice questions. You can forward back to me as you complete until all is completed. Deadline is Feb. 12, 2015. All SERIOUS and EXPERIENCED APPLY.IS – 10.a                   Animals in Disasters: Awareness and PreparednessIS – 11.a                   Animals in Disasters:  Community PlanningIS – 103                    Geospatial Information Systems SpecialistIS – 111.a                 Livestock in DisastersIS – 139                    Exercise DesignIS – 208.a                 State Disaster ManagementIS – 235.b                 Emergency PlanningIS – 240.a                 Leadership and InfluenceIS – 241.a  Decision Making and Problem Solving– 244.a or 244.b    Developing and Managing VolunteersIS – 288                    The Role of Voluntary Agencies in Emergency ManagementIS – 301                    Radiological Emergency ResponseIS – 302                    Modular Emergency Radiological Response Transportation TrainingIS—315                    CERT Supplemental Training: The Incident Command SystemIS – 331                    Introduction to Radiological Emergency Preparedness Exercise EvaluationIS – 340                    Hazardous Materials PreventionIS – 346                    An Orientation to Hazardous Materials for Medical PersonnelIS—360                    Preparing for Mass Casualty Incidents: A Guide for Schools, Higher Ed and Houses of WorshipIS – 386                    Introduction to Residential Coastal ConstructionIS – 393 or 393.a      Introduction to Hazard MitigationIS – 394 or 394.a      Protecting Your Home or Small Business from DisasterIS—523                    Resilient Accord – Exercising Continuity Plans for Cyber IncidentsIS – 613                    Technical Writing – (ENGLISH)IS – 632.a                 Introduction to Debris Operations

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