This is the directions. please write the question and then answer them.

  1. You cannot use any directly quoted information. All research must be SUMMARIZED/PARAPHRASED. If any of your answers contain any amount of directly quoted information, your final exam will NOT be scored. You MUST write your own answers!
  2. You must answer every single question/prompt and/or part of question/prompt listed in each bullet point. If you skip or miss a single question or prompt listed on those slides (given in the Mod 06 Live Classroom) from any of the bullet points, your final exam will NOT be scored.
  3. You must cite your answers in APA format. This includes using in-text citations as needed as well as providing full reference citations for each answer. Please provide the reference citations after each single question rather than as a full list at the end. I know that isn’t proper APA, but please do it that way. If you do not cite your answers in-text and with a full reference citation, your final exam will NOT be scored.
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