Fintech Company Plastiq Market Analysis Writing Assignment

On the Fintech company Plastiq

8 pages plus references


Describe the company including its vision, mission and business model.

Market Analysis

Describe the overall industry and industry sub segment in which the company competes

Analyze the key market issues driving and transforming the company’s market from both the customer and

product/service viewpoints: What are the major market segments within the industry? What do customers need? What

is the biggest unsatisfied customer need? What are customers willing to pay for the company’s product/service or its

competitors product/service? How important is brand?

Competitive Analysis

Construct a competitive analysis: Who are the company’s competitors? Are they considered direct (same

product/service) or indirect (substitute product /service) competitors? What are the competitive advantages and

disadvantages of the competition compared to the company?

Key Trends

Analyze the technology trends, regulatory trends, societal and cultural trends, and socioeconomic trends impacting the

company and the industry in which it competes. What technologies represent important opportunities or disruptive

threats? What regulations or taxes could affect customer demand? What trends might influence buyer behavior?

Economic Conditions

Analyze the global market conditions, capital markets, commodities and other resources, and economic infrastructure

impacting the company and the industry in which it competes. How easy is it to obtain funding in the company’s

industry? How easy is it to obtain resources essential to execute the business model of the company?


Discuss and analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company in terms of its overall strategy

and its competitive advantage in the context of the current environment? What specific actions should the company

take to shore up its weaknesses, capitalize on its strengths, mitigate threats and take advantage of opportunities?


Cite all references and resources as in-text citations where appropriate and in a separate reference section. All work should be cited in apa format

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