Food History Week 2

Deliverable Length: 200–250 words minimum

Course Objectives:

  • Explain the development of cuisine during the Middle Ages and the impact of the Crusades
  • Describe the development of food production and trade between 1300–1500 and the resulting impact in Europe, Asia, and the Americas
  • Explain the importance of Columbus’ voyage to the Americas and its resulting impact on world cuisine


Fusion cuisine can be perceived as trendy. However, the fusion of cuisine from various cultures has been going on for centuries.

  • Describe the impact of the Columbian Exchange to Europe’s cuisine as it was emerging from the Middle Ages and the New World’s existing food culture.
    • Consider how diets and nutrition changed in Europe.
    • Explain how spices and flavorings of the Middle Ages were affected by the ‘new foods’ making their way to the continent.
    • Mention how the foods were accepted or not by the populations in different countries in Europe.
    • Be sure to use proper APA style and cite all sources

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