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  1. Write 500 words to answer this question: The Apple company is famous for building excitement and anticipation for a new product by keeping it a secret. What kind of planning/control cycle issues does this approach create?

The 4 steps of the Planning/Controlling cycle are described on p. 147

  1. How have your experiences as a citizen of a very diverse nation helped you to understand the other cultures of the world?

Aspects of globalization impact everyone—the global economy, transportation, communication, etc. on pp. 98-101

  1. How might you improve your preparedness to one day assume an international position? Explain

Geocentric management is a good way to prepare for international positions, pp. 105-105 AND/OR study resources such as the GLOBE project’s dimensions, pp. 117-118 ****NOTICE: BOOK WILL BE INCLUDED AFTER BID*****

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