Global governance indicators by the World Bank, economics homework help

Global governance indicators by the World Bank provide a data set on the state of governance including corruption across the world, from 1994-2014. To find this dataset, go to the website:…

Then go to interactive data access. This page allows you to make reports on data on countries and regions.

1. Following is a table the state of governance across the world for 2011 from a paper of mine. I want you to update the table for 2014.

2. Make a graph of the governance indicators of Eritrea or Ethiopia, indicating the values for 2004, 2009 and 2014. Make some comments on the state of six governanceindicators over time. The program makes automatic graph by itself if you so direct [go to graph view].

3. Make a graph of the six governance indicators for Nigeria, Ethiopia and Eretria for years 2004, 2009 and 2014. Compare their performance over time and amongst themselves. Make some comments.

4. Make a map of the world for corruption. This can be done by using the map view. List the countries that are least corrupt and the countries that are most corrupt.

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