Globalization Essay

Require 17 pages

Assignment Objective

You may recall from the course syllabus that from this course you were to understand how to lead in a globalized context, conduct research, engage in discussions about the impacts of globalization, and communicate research results in written, visual, and oral forms. This assignment will have you meet some of those objectives.


As Master of Professional students, you came into this program aiming to complete graduate coursework in an area of concentration (i.e., Community Development, Information Technology or Security and Safety Leadership).

To successfully complete this assignment you will find ten (10) peer-reviewed academic or professional articles focused directly or indirectly on your area of concentration as you defined it in the statement of purpose you completed as part of the graduate admission process.

Ideally, your articles should afford you insight into leadership roles, initiatives, actions, etc. that reflect how organizations operate in a global environment or how organizations operate as they respond to the effects of globalization. You are being given tremendous freedom here in choosing what to read and what to define as the primary objective of your work. Your work though must clearly reflect central globalization issues.

Organize your 10 article reviews around the following sections:

  • Prepare an APA formatted bibliographic entry for your article and put it at the top of your review.
  • Discuss the article’s primary purpose, goal, or statement of problem. Explain your selection of this article by discussing how it relates to your MPrS statement of purpose and/or professional goals.
  • Discuss, based on the literature review presented by the article’s author, what is currently known about the article’s primary purpose, goal, or statement of problem.
  • Discuss how this article builds upon the current state of knowledge.
  • Discuss how you might use the knowledge developed or substantiated from this article.
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