HDP 171 Native and African Americans


I want you to read Section 2 which is Racism. I Attached an image of the context that you need to read before start writing the presentation and do a powerpoint slide about (racial inequality and oppression through historical). The presentation is a group presentation which divide into three parts: 1. Introduction 2. middle 3. Conclusion.

Powerpoint Structure/Outline:

1_ Introduction (historical)

Natives, Black.

Immigrantion, Cross cultural.

2_ Middle (how this historical context influenced macro/meso/micro institutions?)


3_ Conclusion (how this remains today/ combating example):

As you see the Presentation is divide into 3 parts. My part is Introduction. So now I want you to do 10 powerpoint slides about Natives and Black, and another 10 powerpoint slides about Immigration and cross cultural with a separate document of summary and explaining the powerpoint slides for (Natives with black) and a separate explaining for the (immigration and cross cultural). The introduction should be historical, provide examples, picture and video and data if needed to make the presentation look better. Don’t worry about the rest of the presentation what I mean by that is ONLY THE INTRODUCTION PART.

Now the most important part is to include the three point in the presentation: The presentation should be centered on a current event (local or international). Students should provide an analysis of this event by using the frameworks of oppression, power, privilege, access and social justice. Presentations should include: 1) definition of the form of oppression 2) examples of the oppression as experienced at different levels 3) a current event case study that demonstrates the effects of such oppression/attempts to address the oppression.

Name of the book: Reading for Diversity and Social justices.

I attached the image for context to read the section.

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