Health promotion

The health promotion content and then the health promotion product. The content should highlight the main points (3-5) from each chapter of the textbook and then the 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines. See full details in the assignment outline below.

Make Health Last: Health Promotion Project

make a promotional product that summarizes topics from all chapters of the textbook that have been covered. It should also provide a clear overview of the physical activity guidelines for older adults, as well.


Clearly indicate recommendations from the 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines for older adults

Topically address key points (<5) from each chapter of the textbook


Use APA format when citing in-text and in the references section.

Health Promotion Material:

Create an outline or summary of the content you plan to include (must be .ppt or .doc)

Any format is acceptable (pamphlet, social media campaign, presentation, video, etc.)

Formulate the message to inform and educate the reader

Consider how you might encourage health behavior change (anticipate barriers)

don’t miss

Completed on time

Summarized 12 chapters

Clearly states Physical Activity Guidelines

APA formatting for citations


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