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Use a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, for example) to find a definition for the following two words and write the definitions below.



Use the information above and the worksheet from the Scavenger Hunt in LP1 to answer the following prompts about ‘Vermicomposting’. To REVIEW, the clip go to, click on Ted-Ed, and search by title. Use COMPLETE SENTENCES. (For example: ‘The topic of the video clip is _______.)    

1.    What kind of worms does the video say one needs for vermicomposting?

2.   How long does it take for the red wiggler’s eggs to hatch?

3.   What is the topic of this video clip?

4.    Identify one FACT from the clip. Explain why you think it is a FACT.

5.    Identify one OPINION from the clip. Explain why you think it is an OPINION.

Using what you might already know about landfills and garbage disposal methods and what you heard about food composting in this clip, explain what you could INFER about landfill creation needs in your local area if more people would compost their food scraps  instead of throwing them in the trash.

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