How are ‘health,’ and ‘healthcare’ defined in the textbook “Healthcare as a Social Good”? (Multi questions)

Healthcare Allocation: an ethical framework for public policy:1) How are ‘health,’ and ‘healthcare’ defined in the textbook “Healthcare as a Social Good”? Do you agree?2) Explain ‘basic goods,’ ‘positive moral norms,’ ‘negative moral norms,’ and ‘moral virtues’ and how each of these terms applies to healthcare.3) What is the concept of community? What kinds of communities are included? How does this relate to the Common Good?Human Dignity and the Common Good4) Explain in your words Human Dignity as the reading from the Catechism presents it.5) The common good is not the same as the sum of individual preferences (CSDC 164). Explain the difference, using an example.6)  What are the basic rights presented as belonging to the common good?Health Care as a Social Good7) What are the ‘moral languages of healthcare” in the US?8) What is the difference between a private and public good in economic theory?

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