How Much Hotter Is The Planet Going To Get?


For this assignment, you will be writing a summary for a particular audience. As a writer, you must address a particular scenario, described below, and use what you have learned about audience, the writing process, and the reading and writing connection to create a successful summary.

You have a scenario you must respond to as a writer: You are working for a general interest magazine that covers topics from the environment to popular culture. Your editor has asked you to write a short summary for the science and environment section on climate change. Your editor explains that there is a lot of confusion and conflicting information on the topic, and she wants the readers of your magazine to have the key information summarized and clarified.

Your first step is to find an article that summarizes the current situation on climate change. You can find an article at the following location:

Page, M. L. (2014, March 9).
How much hotter is the planet going to get? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. In
NewScientist Environment. Retrieved from…

Your task now is to create a short summary of about 250 words that presents the key ideas from this article for your readers who might be confused about climate change and wondering what is really going on. Remember, your summary must be objective. Your editor has made it clear that you are to leave your opinion out of this piece.


For this journal assignment, your task is to describe your experiences as a reader.

Respond to the following:

  • When did you learn to read when you were young?
  • What do you remember about that process?
  • Would you describe yourself as a “reader”?
  • What kinds of things do you read?
  • Do you enjoy reading?

Your journal entry should be at least 200 words in length. Please remember that only you and your professor will have access to your journal.

See the Course Calendar for due dates for posts and responses.

Compose your work in a .doc or .docx file type using a word processor (such as Microsoft Word, etc.) and save it frequently to your computer. For those assignments that are not written essays and require uploading images or PowerPoint slides, please follow uploading guidelines provided by your instructor.


Before you begin, be sure to review the links from the Excelsior College OWL on making effective discussion board posts at:

• Howcast [Screen name]. (2010, April 29).
How to write a summary (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
[Video File] [2
min 10
sec]. Retrieved from

In this discussion, you are being asked to consider the qualities of a good summary.

Respond to the following:

• What is a summary exactly?

• What kinds of information does it include?

• What tone should you use in writing an effective summary?

Post your primary response (150 – 200 words). Read any postings already provided by your instructor or fellow students. Read and respond to the conclusions drawn by at least two of your classmates. Remember to read the feedback to your own major postings and reply to it throughout the module.

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