Hurricane Harvey

Article 2

Due: Mar 1, 2019 at 11:00 AM

(Any topic chapters 5-8)

Article Assignments: the student will be required to write a one-page article on physical geography (type one paragraph, 4-8 sentences) (see following website links for some online sources or use hard copy newspapers or magazines) covering the summary or the article in your own words.Temporal (time) scale of article should be within the last 10-years, unless you are writing on a larger geological temporal scale (ex: decades, hundreds, thousands, millions, or billions of years). You must include two images (one must be a map of article location and one image, chart, graph, or table), and geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude; AKA: Lat/Lon) of article topics’ physical location (please see following URLs to obtain your Lat/Lon: ( ( (

Global or regional natural disaster or climate change articles: Ex: (Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Flooding, Hail Storms, Earthquakes, Sea-level rise, Temperature, Precipitation, and Volcanoes) must include severity and/or measurement scales/tables.

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