Importance of Communication In Project Management

1. How important are communication skills in project management?


Communication skill assumes a conspicuous job in any project to be fruitful and achieve every one of the expectations. The project manager would be the perfect asset for working together every one of the assets of the project and impart to get the fundamental understanding of the necessity and set up the project plan. With no communication, however the group is fit enough to create and test the project it would in the end as an unsuccessful if there is an absence of communication among the group. Thus it is constantly prescribed to have a project manager who can impart proficiently and successfully with the group. Notwithstanding, it isn’t generally project manager who needs to convey, project managers are relied upon to start the communication among the group and it is normal from every individual from the group to participate in the communication.

2. Was Herb the right person to be assigned as the project manager?


Project manager needs to have significant experience inside the association to such an extent that they would almost certainly understand the work process and get adjusted to the association style of handling the projects as every association may have distinctive formats of project management. From the contextual analysis, it is obvious that Herb was an accomplished representative with the association and achieves skill in achieving the work doled out.

3. There were communication issues with Alice, Bob, Betty, and Frank. For each communication issue, where was the break down in communications: encoding, decoding, feedback and so on?


With Frank and Betty, there was no activity of powerful communication inside the group henceforth Herb was not ready to dole out the assignment to the ideal individual rather bringing about effect to the project spending plan. With Bob, for this situation, it is even more a criticism issue as Herb broadened the communication without including Bob and the exchange was verbal.

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