Improving parole

Examine two (2) characteristics attributed to the parole population. Determine whether the characteristics that you have reviewed are justifiable or based on stereotypes. Provide a rationale for your response.

Choose two (2) challenges in parole, and provide one (1) recommendation for mitigating each. Support your recommendations with two (2) examples of instances where the suggested recommendations were successful.


Sex, education, and ethnic origins are some of the various characteristics that describes parolee. Sex and education are strictly based on stereotypes. Ethnic origins (mostly African-Americans and Hispanics are primarily considered parolees in most urban communities. Most are considered most off stereotypes are justifiable as well based on statistics and sources such as the daily news, social media (at times) and even hearsay.

Parolees are affected by various challenges. Many parolees are faced with the difficulty of being homeless, placing many of them in the predicament of going back to their previous lifestyles before being institutionalized. As of a result, halfway houses and correctional residential facilities to counter the parolees from becoming homeless. Another challenge would be the difficulty of seeking employment after dealing with being on parole as well. Although it depends on the severity of the crime, there are many jobs that hire felons to help them get back on track.

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