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andy has asked you to develop proposal containing a graphic showing a break down of the estimated demand by promise and type of chocolate. prepare 2 ways to position the product versus the competition. discuss the variable that you think will affect the demand of the product in the belgian market (e.g the stable of the economy). show the statistics in a table format follow by the graphic. this proposal must also include an explanation of the variable used to estimate demand beyond the key characteristics and their significance. this is part 2

part 1

andy is meeting with you and other marketing staff to discuss yhis approach for the dometic and belgian market you are to use the following concept and determine their factors to describe and compare the u.s and belgian market.

object -the description and characteristics at the product category.

objective -the customer’s main motivation(s) to buy the product.

accurrence-the typical situation in which the products is used or consumed by the customer.

outlet-the place where the product will be available to the customers for purchase.

opposition- the customer’s perception of the quality of the competing products.

need to be 3-4 pages

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