Introduction to Homeland Security: The Roots of Terrorism Today

In a two to three page paper (not including the cover page, abstract page and reference page), discuss the following:

Please pick a terrorist attack found in today’s current events and explain it in terms of one or more of the reasons listed in below:

  • Prior conflicts among nation-states persist, and patience to resolve them is growing thin (e.g., the creation of Israel has resulted in ongoing tensions in the Middle East)

  • The end of the Cold War resulted in resurgence of deep-seated ethnic or political rivalries (e.g., Chechnya desires autonomy and independence from Russia)

  • Western forms of economic development have not materialized in many nations around the world and poverty may be associated with terrorist activities (e.g., the poor nations fifty years ago are predominately the poor countries today and they are the breeding grounds for terrorist organizations)

  • Citizens are frustrated with the harsh living conditions of dictatorship or the unresponsiveness of certain democratic governments (e.g., they desire political change and think that their needs are not being met in an expeditious manner)

  • Some religious and social movements have become more extreme over time (e.g., fundamentalist Muslims and other interest groups want change now and are willing to promote it through violent behavior)

  • US military power and involvement in Iraq has angered many Arabs (e.g., those in the Middle east view American presence as a new form of colonialism)

  • It is extremely difficult for intelligence analysts to know who the “enemy” is (e.g., how can one pinpoint a terrorist when they often blend into the crowd?)

  • Technology and education will allow terrorists to develop and use more sophisticated weapons (e.g., household chemicals can be used to make bombs)

  • We cannot protect all of the potential targets that the terrorists could attack (e.g., government buildings, ports, shopping malls, schools)

  • Training and preparedness for terrorism response is inadequate (e.g., we do not know enough about how to deal with poisonous substances used by terrorists)

Your paper must be formatted in accordance with APA guidelines.

Must use at least 2 references.

Textbook: McEntire, D. A. (2008). Introduction to Homeland Security with an Emergency Management Perspective.Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons ISBN: 978-0470127520

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