introduction to policing, law homework help

Please answer the following questions below, based on the assigned readings and Powerpoint presentation. Submit your assignment through the Assignment option on Blackboard. Each question is worth 5 points (40 points total for the assignment). Make sure to answer each question completely, and in full sentences. Remember, detail matters!

  1. Explain why it is difficult to know the true prevalence of police misconduct. Use examples to illustrate.
  2. Explain the differences between the rotten apple and structural explanations of police misconduct. Use examples to illustrate.
  3. Define the terms “police corruption” and “abuse of authority.” Use examples to illustrate. Use examples to illustrate.
  4. What are the six costs of police corruption? Explain each.
  5. Describe three pillars of internal accountability and explain their importance for preventing police misconduct. Use examples to illustrate.
  6. Explain the strategies under Walker’s New Accountability. Use examples to illustrate.
  7. Explain each of the SARA phases in the Glendale Smart Policing Initiative that targeted convenience store crime. Be specific and make sure to discuss each phase.
  8. What are the four goals of EI systems? Use examples to illustrate.

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