ISSCM 491 Survey Data Using PhStat

My Occupational group is Group # 3 Admin Support

Please Use The Program PhStat!!!

there will be a file you can download ( PHStat.xlam PHStat.xlam )if you do not have PhStat, and also another file to show you how to use PhStat to get the answers. ( Ph Stat Handout 2016.pdf )

– everything else should be pretty straight forward in the excel spreadsheet it shows and tells you exactly what to do. – the file for this assignment is hw8.xlsx. Do not do more than is asked please.

Also the Survey Data ISSCM491.xlsx file is attached as (if needed) to look at this for this homework assignment (if it is) mentioned inside hw8.xlsx

Townes.HW1.xlsx will show you the The Correct way on how to answer and submit this assignment, so you could take a look at that to help how to format to answer the questions.

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