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Answer should be approximately two- three paragraphs per section in length and cover aspects of that technology pertinent to satisfy the stated scenario. The length is not a hard and fast rule, simply a guideline. Focus on covering the pertinent aspects of the technology to the scenario you create. You are the CIO of a BRAND new company and, my boss. It is up to you to provide me, the CTO, information on what this company does, goods or services, and what industry it operations as part of answering each of the questions. As part of your role as a new CIO, you want to make sure your company takes advantage of each of the technologies listed below. For Each IT infrastructure component below you must include at least: 1- A technical overview of the technology. 2- What specifically will your company, or line of business within the company, use that technology for. 3- What will be the benefits to the company or line of business by using that technology. Q1: Grid Computing Q#2 Virtualization Q#3 Utility Computing Q#4 Networked Storage Q#5 Cloud Computing Both internal and external cloud

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