“Job Analyses and Job Analysis”

HRM 533 Total RewardsWeek 6 Discussion 1: “Job Analyses”1.) Analyze how conducting regular job analyses benefits employees, managers, and the organization. Describe how this type of benchmarking can strengthen an overall  job analysis plan.Week 6 Discussion 2: ” Job Analysis”1.) Using the Sample Job Analysis, create a job description for your current or most recent. Justify how you selected the task components and the organization in priority order. (Go to the SME Toolkit Website to read the article titled, “Sample Job Analysis Checklists” located at: http://www.smetoolkit.org/smetoolkit/en/content/en/1064/Job-Analysis-Questionnaire).Please note these are discussion questions not an assignment. Please add references especially The WorldatWork Handbook of Compensation, Benefits & Total Rewards. My professor like us to use this site as well

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