Journal for graphic design

Graphic design job hunt journal for California- Los Anglos

: Under each city, list at least 10 shops located in the area Under each of these shops,

California- Los Anglos
1. fevrokbot


3.Studio City

4. Tadashi Shoji & Associates

5. Bay Cities

6. Soho Fashion Inc

7. NewGig

8. Planet Interactive


10. PSD Underwear

City 1: City

3: (Under each city, list at least 10 shops located in the area Under each of these shops,) I have done this part check up

list: – Address – Phone Number – Website –
CLIENTS (past and/or present?) – Specialties – Creative Director – Other contacts – Other (any other information to scribble in your notes, any connections, any great awards, etc. – the more information, the better!)

Break these into tiers. 1) Tier 1 ($ spent, targeted, drop off in person if possible) 2) Tier 2 (somewhere in the middle, less expensive version of self-promo piece) 3) Tier 3 (default letter with no reference to your future call, no self-promo) Are there any jobs posted in these three cities, even if the position is not at one of your 10 researched shops?
could you do that for me ?

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