Activity Instructions (Panther)Activity Instructions (Panther)activity instructions*Google Earth (Links to an external site.)is required for this laboratory activity.*Load the Google Earth File -Wildlife – Panther Mortality – FL.kmzZoom in on Okaloacoochee Slough State ForestLocate study area and data points.  The data points shown in the aerial photo must be displayed -Okaloacooche Slough State Forest w-data.jpg(12 data points in total)Click on all data points (12) and determine the following information: year, sex, age, and cause of death.*Procedures for opening kml or kmz files are different depending on the version of Google Earth (e.g., Older Versions Vs. Earth for Chrome).  You may need to download the kmz file to your computer and open within Google : THE QUESTIONS FROM THE FILE “PANTHER LAB QUESTIONS” , use the links and documents for references

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