Leadership Behaviors Skill and Tool of a Consultant

The topic is Leadership Behaviors, Skill, and Tool of a Consultant

A research paper using APA format with a minimum of ten sources (peer reviewed journal articles should be study) no more than 5 – 10 years.

The research paper must be at least 12-15 pages in length (not including the title page and the reference pages).

Write an outline and turn it in for feedback before you write your paper with hard copy of your peer- reviewed references.

The textbook CANNOT be used as a source for the research paper and NO internet sources or books can be cited.

For the research paper, you will examine the literature on several critical skills, behaviors, and tools of consulting and respond to the following questions in-depth:

  • What are five skills, leadership behaviors, and/or tools that are critical for a collaborative consultant to master? You must include a combination of skills, leadership behaviors, and tools in your discussion.
  • From the research, why are these critical ones? How are they distinguishable from others? Please support your claims from the literature.

Brief bibliography

Use easy language.

Check the research example in the attachment that you can use some resources and you can use the resources from the other research.

Example of OUTLINE

Leadership Behaviors, Skill, and Tool of a Consultant

  • Introduction
  • Leadership Behaviors
  • Behavior A
  • Behavior B
  • Leadership Skills
  • Skill A
  • Skill B
  • Leadership Tool
  • Tool A
  • Conclusion.
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