Leadership GBA 500 Discussion Question and 2 student responses

Initial DQ 250 words of substantive work:

Create a list of the top five diversity skills that an individual should possess,and briefly explain why each is important. What consequences are there, for the individual and the organization, if some of those skills do not exist?

Also, why has globalization been controversial? Post at least one argument in favor of globalization and one against globalization.

Resond in 250 words to two student responses, they are attached.

Also, one of the following references must be uses as well as one peer reviewed article must be used for the the initial post and each response.

  1. Kouzes & Posner, Chapters 7 & 8
  2. Barsh, J. (2008). Innovative management: A conversation with Gary Hamel and Lowell Bryan. The McKinsey Quarterly, (1), 24-35.
  3. The Thai cave rescue: What are the leadership lessons? (2018, July 16).
  4. Audretsch, D. B., Coad. A., & Segarra, A. (2014). Firm growth and innovation. Small Business Economics, 43(4), 743-749.
  5. Walker, J. L. (2018). Do methods matter in global leadership development? Testing the global leadership development ecosystem conceptual model. Journal of Management Education, 42(2), 239-264.
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