Leadership Power and Conflict

So far, you are seeing inconsistencies in leadership practices in each of the departments, and you are concerned that while the company is trying to improve its communication protocol, the different leadership styles may be creating confusion. For example, when you talked to one of the production employees, Sonja Diaz, she explained that she had many ideas for helping to streamline the production process, but feels she cannot share them because of the transnational leadership. In the marketing department, one sales rep, Jerry McVie, felt that he was not being challenged with his current goals and is even considering leaving the company to join one of the competitors. Lack of communication between the divisional leaders might also be the cause of conflict between the departments because they operate in silos. This separation between divisions may also be having a negative effect on middle management staffing issues.

Your meetings with managers on conflict resolution are going well. You and Jared the CEO meet after he gets back from his business trip to finish your discussion about leadership styles.

Your CEO Jared says, “Maybe we should talk to the vice presidents and managers about leadership styles. “I was hoping you’d say that,” you say. “I’ll have a presentation that defines a minimum of 4 leadership styles, and then compares and contrasts a minimum of 4 leadership styles in order to discuss strengths/weaknesses and pros/cons of one leadership style over another. Please have this ready for meetings next week. Thanks.”

PowerPoint presentation: 8–10 slides (minimum 100-150 words per slide of speaker notes) Please provide references in APA format.

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