leadership questions

Need a 60 to 75 word count for each question please.

Chapter 1

1. It is interesting how one word can change our entire perspective of how we look at a role. We sometimes throw words like important, efficient and effective around, without considering the true meaning of the two. How do these words transfer to the interpretation of leaders

2. Why do we need leaders?

3. What are the obstacles to effective leadership?

4. What are the elements of the emerging leadership styles?


  1. The name of our course is titled “innovative leadership” and thinking about what we have discussed thus far, what does this mean? There are many different types of leadership and many ways that we can accept and look at leadership in terms of styles and traits, but what does it mean to be “innovative” in leadership?
  2. A project environment can sometimes seem separate or removed from the overall organizational environment. For those of you who have worked in a project environment, how does leadership differ there and who usually takes on the leadership roles?
  3. In many environments I have seen where the leader has asked the manager to take on certain responsibilities or projects and the manager then delegates these roles to one of the team member. When transferring “leader-like” tasks to members of a team, what do you think a manager should look for or should a manager never transfer these types of activities?
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