Literary Review and Rough Draft

The two attached items are the items you have to use to do this assignments

See the Literary Review Prompt in Modules. It is here too: Do this assignment first and than do the other one

Literature Review.docx

Also see my ppt:

Lit Review PPT.pptx

It says 2- 3 pages, but I am ok with just over 1 page too as long as there are 3 paragraphs that show:



GAPS (Gaps is V. v. Imp.- Gaps is critical thinking – what have the sources not talked about? Ideally your research will be to address the GAP – that’s where real true Original Thinking takes place and the start of real research – without the gap being identified, its just regurgitated sources – no original thinking)

This 2 assignments have something to do with each other its going to be the same topic.

2nd Assignment

Even if you don’t have a rough draft, you have to fill out my Peer Review Sheet. This is mandatory. Ideally get another pair of eyes to look at your rough draft and fill out your peer review sheet but if you have no one to fill it, you may fill it out yourself.

It’s in modules but you can see it here too:

peer review of a food issue.docx

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