Literature Search Question (LSQ)

Literature Search Question (LSQ)As we have discussed, a good LSQ is an effective rhetorical tool for scholars to identify the scope of an investigation. Remember, when writing an LSQ:Choose an appropriate topic or issue: one that is interesting and researchable.Compile a list of every question related to the topic that you would like answered.Choose a question that is not too broad, vague, or narrow.Two examples of good questions are:What does the literature in psychology tell us about the relationship between anticipated stigma and medication adherence for Asian-Americans over 18 who are taking HIV medications?What does the literature in psychology tell us about the role of positive and negative reinforcement in toilet-training practices for children with autism ages 5–6 who are not yet toilet trained?InstructionsReview the Unit 1 discussion that prepared you for this step.Submit a copy of your literature search question.Upload an organizing document for the LSQ search, such as the Database Research Log (linked in Resources).Note: As the search continues, the LSQ can change, but here you are writing about your starting point for your search.Refer to the scoring guide for detail about how your assignment will be graded.ResourcesLiterature Search Question (LSQ) Scoring Guide.Database Research Log [PDF].Library Help.

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