Locus of Control of control is a concept that refers to how strongly a person believes that they have control over the situations and experiences that impact their lives. People with external locus of control typically think that their success or failures are the result from external factors beyond their control (circumstances, fate, luck, etc.). People with an internal locus of control typically think that their success or failure is a result of their hard work and effort.Before taking the Locus of Control (LOC) Measure located on page 456 of your textbook, based on what you know about external and internal locus of control, how do you think you will score?Once you have reflected on how you think you will score on the measure, complete it. LOC scores range from 0 – 13. A high score indicates an external locus of control, while a low score indicates an internal locus of control. Discuss what can be learned from the Locus of Control (LOC) Measure and discuss the following questions:What are your results from the LOC measure? What does your score indicate in regards to external and internal locus of control?Do you think the results are accurate or inaccurate?What are the implications of the LOC score on your personality?How can LOC affect your willingness to change behaviors?How does LOC affect the ability to succeed in school and in your career?

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