Management and wait staff customer service training a chain of bar and restauran

A large chain of Bar/Restaurants in the United States is seeking to implement online teaching and learning program for its Management and wait staff to improve customer service. We will begin with foundational knowledge, namely exploring the various design models available.

In a well-constructed, essay of 900-1,200 words, select three different instructional design models presented in the link at the bottom of this post and compare and contrast them with a focus on applications for online teaching and learning. How are they similar and different? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each model for the:


•You as the Instructional designer?

•Instructional delivery (Platform or trainer delivering the instruction online)?


Once you have completed your comparison, indicate which model you feel would best work in this situation. Support your ideas with research from two to three credible sources documented according to APA Requirements.

Original only as it will be checked

“Start Here”: Instructional Design Models for Online Courses

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