This assignment addresses corporate advertising. As noted in your text, corporate advertising may take on a variety of forms, which include the four forms listed below. For this exercise, you are provided with an example advertisement from a company utilizing each type, as identified below. The image of each ad can be found within this folder.   

The first question is general—asking you to describe different types of corporate advertising. 

1. In your own words, briefly give a general definition for each of the four forms of corporate advertising (in your own words—do not quote the book): image advertising, event sponsorship, advocacy advertising, and cause-related advertising.   

The following four types of corporate advertising serve as the four remaining questions in this exercise. For each one of the examples of corporate advertising, your response should include the following:  

 How the company has used the specific form of advertising  How effective the company’s use of this form of advertising is, and why

2. Image Advertising – Positioning: Harley Davidson Ad

3. Event Sponsorship: Corona presents Kenny Chesney Ads

4. Advocacy Advertising: Parkview Trauma Center Billboard Ad

5. Cause-Related Advertising: Pampers Unicef Ad

Consider Chapter 17’s material when creating your responses. Then, please provide your answers to the following questions in the Web Exercise submission area within this folder.   

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