MBALN707 Reviving a failed business and building a business plan



In the heart of London’s city centre, the popular SpiceSky restaurant prides itself on the quality and range of its Indian food since

1988. The restaurant has been recording a yearly increase in sales since its grand opening more than two decades earlier. The

restaurant owner Ali Mahal, nevertheless, has invited your company to offer solutions to a gradual decline in sales that has been

recorded the last 12 months. More specifically, Ali explained that sales, which have grown every year since he opened the restaurant,

have actually dropped over the last twelve months. Yet, London’s central restaurants, as well as the town’s city centre have continued

to prosper.

Moreover, to get a full picture, you have decided to visit the restaurant and investigate first-hand the experience of dining in SpiceSky.

2. Build a business plan by designing a strategic plan, conduct a feasibility

analysis, understand franchising and how to buy an existing business

Develop a marketing plan and how to use e-commerce, create a

successful financial plan.

This is an individual piece of work. The assignment is business plan writing. The

length of the assignment should be about 4000 words (+/-10%).

The word limit does not include ‘administrative’ sections of the assignment: the

cover or title page, table of contents, table of figures, reference list, list of works

cited, bibliography, or any appendices. Use Harvard Referencing for all Harvard

related purposes.


You are required to write a business plan which will provide direction and

increase the probability for success of a business idea within the today

contemporary and very competitive market.

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