Medical Consent response

God allows and respects each person to make his or her own choices in life, likewise, the expectations of physicians and other professionals in the medical field is to assist patients in making informed choices. The major role of healthcare professionals is helping patients understand both diagnosis and the available treatment options. The information provided to patients by physicians, and the ensuing dialogue, forms an essential part of the informed consent discussion. It also provides supporting materials to meet each individual patient needs with details of additional contacts to assist decision making.
Helping patients understand the implications of the care plan and engaging them in the decision making process strengthens the exchange and partnership between physicians and patients. It can also promote a patient’s adherence to the treatment plan. Medical personnel do this by cultivating a culture of communication that supports patient understanding and comprehension of both the diagnosis and available treatment options.
For treatment to be considered valid, the patient must be given an adequate explanation about the nature of treatment and the anticipated outcome, as well as significant risks involved and alternatives available. Patients should also be made aware of the potential outcome of no treatment. By encouraging a constructive dialogue with patients, physicians can foster an environment that supports effective decision making, which is central to patient care. In this way, patients become empowered to actively manage their health condition and the associated care plan. In return this often leads to better health outcomes for patients and promotes communication and shared decision making.

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