midterm Please answer the following questions in complete sentences, using prope

Please answer the following questions in complete sentences, using proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Your answers should each be 3-4 paragraphs in length, and provide references to case law whenever appropriate.

1) Define the doctrine of judicial review and explain its significance in the American legal system

2) How does criminal law differ from criminal procedure? Please also give an example of each

3)Define and compare probable cause and reasonable suspicion

4)What is the purpose of the Exclusionary Rule? Why is it important in criminal cases?

5)Summarize the Terry v. Ohio case and why it is a landmark U.S. Supreme Court opinion.

6)Why are there different requirements for an arrest with and without a warrant?

7)  What are the requirements that must be met for a valid search warrant?

8)What actions can a police officer legally take after a vehicle stop?

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