Module 8 Missouri Compromise and the Anti-Slavery Debate

Pick 1 topic from 2 of the categories below. (Write on 2 topics). Choose from different categories. (2 topics total from two different categories)

Categories from Module 8


Era of Good Feelings
Republican Party policies after the War of 1812 (1812-1824)
Election of 1824 and the Corrupt Bargain
Presidency of John Quincy Adams


Missouri Compromise and the Anti-Slavery Debate
Western Migration of the White Population
The Cherokee and the state of Georgia

Trading and Trapping in the Far West
New Transportation after the War of 1812
Plantation System in the Southwest (only in the period of Module 8)


Identify, analyze and discuss each topic you choose.
Use in depth analysis beyond only a definition.
Describe using facts and detail.
Explain the significance of your topic. Why is it important in understanding US History? Be thorough and complete.

Your paper must display understanding of Week 8 Module.
Use only Module 8 Resources and no outside research except the textbook. Do not go beyond the period covered in Chapter 8 and Module Week 8.
When you use Resources cite them in parenthesis such as the name of the PPT or video
No quotes beyond 1.5 sentences in length
Do not embed images or illustrations
Upload your paper as a file using only doc,docx or pdf file extensions
Write in paragraph form
Do not repeat the questions
Place only your name on top, no headings or other information
Put word count at the end of the paper. Minimum is 400 words, maximum 500 words

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