Module Three Milestone Guidelines and Rubric

OverviewIn this milestone, you will explore the concept of advocacy in relation to psychology and how it relates to performance in the workplace. This activity will help to prepare you for your Project Two assignment.PromptFor this assignment, respond to the following criteria in 3 to 5 sentences each, citing your sources in APA style:Describe how you would apply a specific theory of social psychology to advance your advocacy agenda.Describe how you would apply a specific theory of cognitive psychology to advance your advocacy agenda.Describe a psychological concept that could be used to heighten awareness of the need for social change.Describe how assessment tools can be used to measure social change.Describe critical first steps in developing an intervention for effecting social change in the workplace.All sources and ideas requiring attribution must be cited according to APA style.Guidelines for SubmissionSubmit your Module Three Milestone assignment as a Word document, with all sources cited according to APA style.

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