Motivation Plan, business and finance homework help

Use the DiSC assessment results from your Learning Team members.

Interview your mentor to gather information about your mentor’s organization, the department your mentor works in, and his or her job description.

Write a plan that may be applied to your mentor’s department and that would increase your Learning Team members’ motivation, satisfaction, and performance based on their personal profiles, as if they were employees of that department.

Required Elements:

  1. No more than 1400 words
  2. Analyze specific differences in attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values among your Learning Team members, and address how each difference might be used to positively influence behavior.
  3. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
  4. All sources in the paper must be cited.
  5. All references need links unless it’s this class text.

*The documents attached are the DISC assessment results. The actual assessment doesn’t start till page 12.

*My mentor works as the Service officer for the Police department and he oversees, Pass and ID, Physical security, Administration, Animal control, training and Alarm control center.

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