Need these answered please

150 word response for each discussion question please.

  • How will the growth of racial and ethnic minority populations affect their place in American society? Will having a majority-minority society lessen discrimination? What will be the impact on the
    criminal justice system?
  • The struggle for equal rights for women has been similar in many ways to the struggle for equal rights for racial and ethnic minorities–but it gained traction about 50 years later. As you
    imagine what life will be like 50 years from now, what additional gains in equal rights can you envision?
  • Are traditional views of morality
    an appropriate consideration for the courts? This is a question that drives
    much of the law presented in the chapter. How has this played out in relation
    to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) rights?
  • Is it ethical for human service workers to assist immigrants who they know are in the country without proper authorization? Should they ask about immigration status? What is their legal responsibility if they know that an immigrant is here illegally? Is that the same, or different, from their ethical responsibility?
  • How does the law treat searches of student property in school? Review the rationale behind allowing searches without a warrant, as well as the reasonableness requirement and how it has
    been applied in specific circumstances. How does your state treat locker searches? Do you think this is a good policy? Why or why not?

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