Networking Event Review

A valuable skill needed in today’s job market is the ability to successfully interact with recruiters. For this assignment, you will: • Dress in professional attire and attend a networking event, • Be prepared to utilize your 30 second oral résumé. • Research, prepare, meet and interact with at least 3-5 employers. • Generate a list of questions to ask and have a game plan for your interactions. • Reference the Job Search and Networking Skills Rubric on LiveText and prepare a 2-page reflection providing answers to the following: • Briefly describe your purpose and game plan. • Discuss the companies and contacts you met. • Briefly describe your level of comfort and personal preparation before the event. • How would you describe this event to a friend or family member? • What follow up communications have you taken or plan to take? • Do this in a narrative, paragraph style; do not answer the questions one by one.

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