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Good afternoon.

I am sharing some research findings below pertaining to drastic decline of graduate NCLEX competency, that they call it a CRISIS!

“NCSBN research have indicated that 50% of novice nurses were involved in errors of nursing and 65% of the errors were due to poor clinical decision making skills (Muntean, 2013; Another research by Kavanagh and Szweda (2017), measured the entry level clinical judgment of thousands of new graduates and discovered that only 23% were at the level needed for safe patient care. This is down from 34% reported by another research (Del Bueno, 2005). Some are calling this a crisis — a crisis in new graduate competency”.


del Bueno, D. (2005). A crisis in critical thinking. Nursing Education Perspectives, 26 (5), 278-282.
Kavanagh, J., & Szweda, C. (2017). A crisis in competency: The strategic and ethical imperative to assessing new graduate nurses’ clinical reasoning. Nursing Education Perspectives, 38(2), 57-62.
Muntean, W. J. (2013). Nursing clinical decision-making: A literature review. Available from NCSNB at:

In the discussion board, write down your opinion regarding this very important topic, by answering the following:

1. Do you agree or disagree that present nursing graduates clinical competency is as low as the research reveal? Explain your answer.

2. How do you feel if you or your loved one is being cared for by a nurse who lacks clinical judgment, and what will you do?

3. Are you clinically competent to assume the role of a registered nurse in a medical surgical floor?

Extra 2 points will be added in your Exam 5 for answering the above questions in well written sentences with references if needed.

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