Nursing Care And Theory In The Community Healthcare Discussion Help

You must include references to support your discussion (written within the past 5 years) at the end of your initial post. An initial post with in-text and end of text references in APA format. No blog references!! Thank you

1.) Caring is a major concept for many of the nursing theorists. As we look at Patricia Benner’s Philosophy — from ‘Novice to Expert’ — in your personal professional situation, where would you say that you are on this continuum? As you shift from learning about theorist to utilizing theories in practice, how can you personally achieve and/or assist new nurses achieve the level of expertise in your field?

2.) As we end our career in nursing, we all would like to leave a legacy. What would you like to achieve and change in your practice or setting? How would you go about making these changes for the profession and organization?

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