Off-shoring and On-shoring, marketing homework help

atleast 850 words and should be in word formate.

  1. As preparation, read the article “Off-shoring and On-shoring: in the learning materials
  2. Background:
    1. You are advising the CEO of TrustCare re the strategic plan for entering the US market
    2. TrustCare currently manufactures upscale, expensive, mobility aids, in fairly small quantities, in Sweden
    3. If the US plan is adopted and is successful, you expect total sales quantities increase by 500% over the next three years
    4. As part of your company’s strategy, you are deciding on whether to move your manufacturing offshore, ie to a low-cost country such as China
  3. For this assignment:
    1. Please provide 5 reasons to move your company’s manufacturing off-shore
    2. Please provide 5 reasons to NOT move your company’s manufacturing off-shore
    3. What decision would you make?
      1. Discuss your decision in the context of the the pros and cons you listed
  4. In addition to the article provided, cite a minimum of two credible articles or case studies to support your decision
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