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For this problem you need to determine the correct height of a flagpole large enough to support the Star Spangled Banner flag that flies over Fort. McHenry. This flag is 30 by 42 feet in size. (We know that the ratio of the height of a flagpole to the width of any flag is 1 to 4.)

a. How tall will the flagpole need to be to support the Star Spangled Banner?
b. You have a model of Ft. McHenry that you need to add a flagpole to that would be proportional to the real pole at the fort. The ratio of the model is 1 inch to 10 feet.
c. You are given a model flagpole that is 8 inches tall; is this the correct size? If not, how tall does it need to be?
d. You have a model flag that is 5 by 6.3 inches. Are the model flag and original flag similar figures? If not, what would the model flag dimensions need to be? What is the scale factor?
e. What is the ratio of the perimeter of the model flag in comparison to the original flag?
f. What is the ratio of the area of the model flag in comparison to the original flag?
g. What is the relationship between the ratios of perimeter and area?

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