Please share your opinion, was the officer justified in his actions or was thuis excessive force?

The suspect stated, “take off your gun and fight me like a real man.” Was the officer justified in his actions or was this excessive force? (see article below) How can community policing help in these type of situations? orCitsl.O Officer under investigation for beating accused jaywalker

A Sacramento Police officer is under criminal investigation for a “disturbing” incident, captured on two video, in which he threw an accused jaywalker to the ground and punched him repeatedly. The tow-year veteran of the force, who has yet to be identified has been placed on administrative leave with pay while his actions are under review. “I thought I was going to be the next Trayvon Martin to be honest,” Nandi Cain Jr., the accused jaywalker; said later in an interview with CNN affiliate KTXL. Police released dashcam video of the confrontation, which occurred Monday after the officer exited his patrol car and approached Cain on residential street in California’s state capital. In the video, the officer accuses Cain of jaywalking and orders him to stop. After Cain protests ” I looked both ways,” and keeps walking, the officer says, “if you do not stop right now, I will take you to the ground,” The two men then enter the street. Cain can be heard saying he is unarmed. He removes his jacket and tells officer to take off his gun “and fight me like a real man.”

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