I need a power point presentation of about 12 to 15 slides, plus 10 references about the following title

 Neurological Alterations

· Describe and explain, making use of illustrations, the structure and function of the neurologic system in adults and children.
· Analyze the neuroanatomy of pain, temperature regulation, sleep, and sensory function.
· Identify different alterations in cognitive systems, cerebral hemodynamics, and motor function in adults and children.
· Increase knowledge and skills on the assessment and treatment of different neurologic system disorders.
· Distinguish between disorders of the central and peripheral nervous systems and the neuromuscular junction.
· Recognize the etiology and pathophysiology; clinical manifestations; and treatment of schizophrenia, mood disorders and anxiety disorders.
· Discuss and analyze the role of the Nurse Practitioner, with a focus on prevention, early detection and treatment of neurologic disorders.


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